Easy Art Tricks – How can I be more creative while staying at home?

Here are some very fun and Easy Art Tricks and everyone can do!

Take a read and see how two friends have fun, and be creative at staying at home doing some Easy Art Tricks.

Wish you could be a little more creative lately?

Guess what?  You’re more talented at making art than you think you are.

Don’t believe us?

You may change your mind after trying some of these awesome drawing tricks and experiments.

Wow, check out your concentration!

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When you’re painting still-life, you’ve got to really focus and pay attention to every single detail.

Oh yeah, this thing is definitely going to be refrigerator door-worthy.

Maybe even picture-frame status!

Guess what, this is probably as good as it’s going to get without you tracing the entire drawing full on.

On second thought, maybe this drawing will serve as a practice round.

Yep, we’re just gonna toss this over here for now.

Oh no, Bella, your paint!

Oh boy, I should’ve known that was gonna happen.

C’mon, dry faster!

Hey, I wonder if I can use this straw.

Maybe if I blow into it it’ll dry.

Ooh! Check out those awesome lines! This looks so cool!

This looks so cool!

Um, is it just me or did I just create the perfect tree painting?

And maybe I should add some flowers with these Q-tips!

Brainstorming session with creative designers

If you use a Q-tip to dab some color onto your tree branches, you’ll end up with natural-looking flowers!

But be warned, it may take a few minutes, so be sure to be patient as you go.

Wow, who would’ve thought such simple moves could create such a stunning masterpiece?

That’s so beautiful, Bella.

Well, I don’t think I’ll be needing this anymore.

Am I brilliant or what?

Painting the walls may seem easy but it’s actually a bit more complicated than it looks.

Hey! Watch out for the — paint.

Uh, did I just step barefoot into a bowl of paint?!

Oh No! Geezam peas! What am I going to do now?

Well, that’s what happens when you never

look up from your stupid phone, Bella!

Actually, I think I have the perfect solution.

Take a long piece of masking tape and place it diagonally above the stain like this.

Now add more of the same color paint to the area with a sponge or brush.

Once you’re done, remove the tape.

Add more tape in this design before adding more color, the same or a different shade, to the area.

Now it’s time to let the paint dry!

Phew! Looks like I’m just about finished.

Time to finally take a load of these tired tootsies.

Oh yeah, that feels good.

Woah, Bella! When did you have time to go shopping?

Why go shopping when you can turn your own clothes into your latest art project?

In fact, why not do something creative with this extra bit of paint?

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