FOOD ART! How to Make your favorite character from water melon?

FOOD ART! Make your favourite action hero character from water melon?

LETS make iron man out of a Watermelon…so let’s go… time to peel the melon.  I’ve got a spatula peeler so here we go it’s gonna peel it off like this always want to peel away from yourself.  So, I got my melon out cuz then I have a completely different process than what you’re doing.  Peeled the entire melon now I’m gonna chop off the bottom so I have a sturdy base.

Watermelon | Voyager of the seas | Kristian Mollenborg | Flickr

It’s all peeled and now it’s time to shape the head this what I’m gonna use for Iron Man’s mask.  Oh! here we go we’re gonna place it down as you can see through my perfect art skills.  It literally has the eye holes already right there so next up it’s going to accentuate those you know bring out his eyes.  Next, you want to make sure you shave it down very gradually because you don’t want to lose too much of the rest. This is going to be an awesome food art!

I’m becoming Iron Man right now – with FOOD ART!

See dude I can look through the mask well I’m becoming Iron Man right now I’m scouring the side of it so I know where to stop cutting now it’s time to start shaping the head and I’m gonna be very careful do not try this at home but I’m gonna be shaving off a whole bunch of watermelon here so here we go you made it look so easy when you were doing it man but this is gotta say – not quite as I as easy as you made it look and done there we go look at that dude yo that actually looks really good bro got a fully peels and now it’s time to fasten iron man’s face to this so here we go we’re gonna pop it like you’re like this first skewers gonna go in and then all the way down then just go straight in all right here we go go right now I’m defining the neckPage 2 | Royalty-free HD Gold, Metal photos | Pikrepo and separating the helmet from the body my guy here I gotta make the tongue but I got to be very precise with how I do is what if I take a little bit of this and then pop it in here like that BAM now he’s got a perfect little plump tongue finishing up the head shape and now it’s time to make the mass now for the mask you kind of want to draw on the surface before you cut it I got to give my iron man some nice buck teeth you know dudes getting that real authentic

Tony Stark Art

Tony Stark Food Art – look now I’m gonna use a paring knife for the small eyes what step are you on I’m on the same step of view I’m on the step of creating his face and his eyebrows you’re definitely creating eyebrows pulling off the side here a big chunk oh wait what oh my gosh but right now it looks like an alien though now all I have to do is just take off this back stuff and zi2 that I’m gonna get my guy on that really quickly just core out the center of it like that boom see do look like literally create a perfect ball of watermelon man scooping out the face now to make room for the mass and I’m scooping out the inside of mine because it’s very fun and I just I enjoy doing this got all my pieces and now it’s time to assemble them and add the finishing touches I’ll be revealing mine at the end of the video……TO BE CONTINUED


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