Art Challenge! Being creative with foods… Cnt’d.

Friends Challenge- making a video:

…….and we’re on to the next round you chose us giant pancake art so let’s go big old head right there’s like that perfect eyes we’re gonna give Godzilla some arms right here so gonna give a little arm over here like yeah what’s up and another arm over you’re like yeah so I’m a little concerned because he’s looking like a plump baby right now look at my Godzilla’s look at your gut gotta get this crazy lean cuz Godzilla is really leaning forward we’re gonna get miss little eyeballs right here and by little eyeballs me big eyeballs my food drinks art free photogod feels tripping out is like what is going on look he’s like a duck you guys those thing he’s gonna crack that’s the dream cuz I gotta tell the spit flames I think I think he does I think it’s broken yeah it’s broken yep guys chest in place right now it’s gonna get my little scales you know does this very important I know that Devin do this a lot on his he gave his guy a whole bunch of scales house time to add the little spikes I’m gonna give him I got some little red shoes like his little red riding-hood no who is red shoes so that someone goes there no Dorothy the explored no there’s someone with red shoes as my dudes got red shoes mine’s grabbing a car that’s not fair we can’t add extra elements into it yes I can’t how would my guy grab a car look at his arms man he’s like why would you grab the car alright my guys ready to add color gonna go all around like this no dudes leaking at the top again shoot this is not what I want you know what this thing is ruined it’s done man this is over I’m taking some creative liberties here and adding some purple into a spike wait bro you got that idea from me mine that purple spike wait you do it’s right there bro alright this is the easy part just filling it in last right leaves giving him a little welt on his forehead because unfortunately it got bonked with a car that your dude threw all right the finishing touch is done and now it’s time to let it roast pancakes are cooked and now it’s time for the flip but this gonna be way too small so yeah we got to get the giant flipper dead stomach it’s going great Devin here we go so let’s see just keep going on anything this 3zu one look at my guy Brobee so good alright here we go I’m gonna try to get underneath it oh man it’s so brittle you’re sure gonna be able to do is not break get ready set go very delicately yeah bro that looks so crazy actually kind of scaly you can comment down below who won this round.


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