How to make US $15,000 for your Art on eBay?? PART 1

Twins versus Challenge:

– This is crazy. Mine is currently at (beep) dollars. – What! – Okay, hello, hey. – Hi. – I found a TikTok the other day that I am sure many of you have seen about a guy who made some crappy painting. – No offense. – No offense, he said it was crappy. and he posted it on eBay to see how many bids he could get on it and he ended up selling it for $18,000. – Like, and this boy wasn’t like, it wasn’t great painting. – He wasn’t Picasso. – So we wanted to test it and see if we could do the same thing. So basically how it’s going to work is me, Brooklyn, Asa, and Kamri, hello. We are all going to paint individual paintings and use our own strategies to post them on eBay. And then at the end of the week whoever has the biggest bid on their painting wins. – So, I’m super excited, I’m not an artist whatsoever. – Uh, no. – We’re going to start painting right now and show you what we are doing. – Wanted to clarify, some of the that proceeds we get, if we do end up selling these paintings, we will donate. So we’re not conning people for those of you who are like “Mmm”. It’s just fun, it’s going to be so fun but I am worried that like, we’re going to get through all of this and not a single one of us is going to have a bid. – I’m just going as abstract as you can possibly be, but I’m trying to pull in colors that kind of compliment each other. We’ll see. – So I have been doing a little, teensy bit of research and I have decided that like something that a lot of people are passionate about right now is something to do with like, we’re all the same people and we’re all together. I have a thought in my head of how i would like the painting to look, but it might just look terrible. – About to start and I have no idea. – My strategy is not having a strategy. Artists sometimes just go for it. You know. Do you really think that like Van Gogh had a strategy? Just saying. I’m just going to do whatever I want and maybe throw in some art techniques from like fifth grade and call it a day. Hopefully, I win. – [Bailey] I have discovered that, number one, oil paints are harder to use than you would think and number two the power of a sponge. Do I know where I am going from here? No. – Okay, so I’ve already gotten started. Can’t you tell it’s a masterpiece? – [Brooklyn] You can see where my drawn hand prints are, that I am going to fill in with color. I’m going to have to cover some of these brown spots that I have on my hand from the brown paint with white again, but you can see like, I have got the hands to begin my art. Now I just have to color them different colors. – I’m kind of excited and it looks good so far. I’m proud of myself. – Alright, so I think I got a little thrown off with my idea because the colors that I picked looked way more coherent on the plate than they did on the canvas. So at this point I’m just going all in and I’m trying to decide on if I should like leave some white space on this or just go full color. I think I’m just going to go full color, you know? – [Asa] Kamri, what the heck are you doing? (Kamri laughs) I just saw her just like putting like tapping in, like look at that. What is? What? Okay. – [Kamri] The colors look way different. Okay, so that’s the colors like blue, like look what I was getting and then, this is— – [Asa] Yeah, they come out so much darker on the canvas. – [Kameri] They come out so much, like so different. – [Asa] So, I’ve had to start mixing white with mine, but there is mine so far, pretty abstract. Babe, how’s it comin’? – It’s coming. (techno music) – [Asa] I think I’m done. Kamri looks like she’s getting pretty close. – You know, it’s kind of got a little charm to it. – I think I’m gonna go ahead and list it on eBay. Maybe get a little bit of a head start against the competition and, yeah. I mean it will probably only be like 20 minutes, but anything helps. – [Bailey] Ta-da! (laughs) I’m done! And it actually turned out pretty good. I don’t know what it’s or what it means. We’ve been inspired and we realized that Asa’s painting looks like a dress that we own, this is the dress. – Ta-da! – They are one in the same thing. Time to go take some pictures. May the odds be ever in y’alls favor. I’m going to win. – Yeah, you know when you look at an art piece and like you’re just kinda thinking like, “Oh, I wonder what the artist was thinking “when they painted that?” That is what mine is! What was the artist thinking when they painted that? Guys, it kind of looks like there is a bunny in the middle. I don’t know, it’s kind of got a little something to it. You know, you look at it and you just sit there and you’re like, “Oh, that’s kinda cool.” But, you know? – ……..TO BE CONTINUED.


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