FOOD ART PT.3! Be Creative by making your kids favourite action hero characters in food! Cnt’d. PART 3

Friends making a video:

…. so here’s a big reveal three two oh five second subscribe challenge we want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel both notifications in five seconds ready here we go 5 4 3 2 1 Jenna you do that comment down below keeper squad right now ready set go tada dude looks just like spider-man you can comment down below whose Pizza turned out better and will be even at the end of the video you challenged us to make Pumbaa from The Lion King so let’s go now that I’ve got the base down it’s time to shape him into that Pumbaa shape and I’ve got some blue here to turn these potatoes into the night sky in the background of glass, decoration, food, banana, fruit, art, dolphin, currantmy arts and here we go huh I’m just trying to make it match everywhere that’s the reason why I wore blue Devon so this would not affect me at all couldn’t they give him me the memo and moving on we’re gonna freeze the sky right now it’s grabbing some black beans for some details you’re very delicate with this right now the sky is the most important part of Pumbaa next up time to make the body of Pumbaa so cool we got some sweet potato man now it’s gonna get in here it’s kind of mix them up a little bit oh yeah try to extract the good sweet juices his tongue is done and now it’s time for the cheese wait the what’s the cheese for his tooth got the tooth cut out and now I’m gonna make a space in the watermelon at what point are you gonna start shaping that into Pumbaa you don’t see it I thought I was pretty pretty far along already you don’t see it for real I mean maybe that’s the eye there no gotta finish up all the hair around Pumas head right now so here we go next up gotta create the eyeballs so here yours gonna go down like this nice now we got to carve it around so here we go it’s gonna go kind of like this you’re learning young padawan boom there we go look at that eyeball is done this is I’m pretty perfect Devin are you gonna ignore that I mean it’s just the fact that it even is remotely round when it started off in this very clear square shape color stuck to the side you’re I call this Daddy blue cheese I’m adding in a second layer here just adding more 3d elements oh boy he’s looking kind of scarier and scarier by the moment I gotta say next up I’m using some strips of eggplant for the eyes guy is terrified if that’s what Pumbaa looks like in the movie dude I gotta get my tickets right now for Fandango look he’s balding filling in the rest of the face then I move him back to the eyes and I’m gonna make some stars for my night sky cuz I really want to add some depth and texture to my image here here we go star number one right the base of the nose is done now it’s time to add the nostrils sorry well now I gotta add in my round moon I’m adding the blue sky and put on the finishing touches dude your Pumbaa looks just like a warthog and here’s the big reveal ready set go oh my gosh that looks so good yours looks amazing thank you you get to comment down below who won this round and we’ll be eating them at the end of the video.



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