FOOD ART PT.2! Making your favourite action hero characters from the Weirdest foods! Cnt’d


….you challenge us to try pizza art and we’re making spider-man from Avengers end game and we’re off to a messy start well I got my dough thing is Devon I think you made a large round a mistake you have a round pizza which is a big no-no in creating spider-man’s head but a big yes yes when creating pizza yes yes all right well you know what here we go it’s gonna stretch it out like this right now I’m just adding the cheese yours is way farther along the minor yeah all right I’m moving right along to adding the pepperoni piece next up time to apply the tomato sauce ah got this tomato sauce applying stick right here it’s in all the top restaurants in NYC right now just a good even distribution of the tomato sauce on your crust it’s like this just rolling out like that I really didn’t think that would work but it kind of does it absolutely does stuff for the webs on spider-man’s face I’ve cut up a whole bunch of nori sheetsSpiderman cupcakes | Eldriva | Flickr into small strips so just like you’d have time to add the white layer base I’m gonna add a whole bunch of onions right now boy did you just say onion exactly just like you’d ever know I had a cheese Kon Suay what there we go get some parmesan right here that is onion powder what that’s powdered onion putting in the final little touches oh snap wait what no totally good there was nothing there we’re in the merge yeah it looks great on you definitely Oh No yeah it was you it wasn’t me it was this me Devin do I look like that you put it there face to face do I look anything like this actually the resemblance is uncanny just doing the finishing touches on the outline of the eye right now it’s time for me to create my base so I’m gonna use pepperonis just like Devin got some sliced a bell pepper here and I’m actually adding it around the side as a nice little frame gonna kick it off with his eyes I’ve got two little olives over here to go blue you need some garlic powder to make the rest of his eyes so here we go now we gotta make the mouth I want to use one of these bell peppers me this bell pepper really want to find out if it’s a bell pepper you do this here we go three two one buh-buh-buh-buh-buh the stems kind of weak on that one so yeah I’m also add the bell pepper step as well I’m adding it on his face here for his mash gonna use my bell pepper as two little eyebrows even though that spider-man or not man do you see these eyes I don’t know man I think mine are much more expressive and emotive good backgrounds done bases down and now it’s time to add the onion eyes that was on a pizza hot menu bro I would buy it in a second oh my god your eyes are looking so good now he’s got to put a few finishing touches and time to pop these in the oven pizzas are fully decorated and bro that looks just like spider-man


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